The idea

Friday - Coming together

The conference schedule is divided into three phases. The first one aims to bring all participants to a common level of understanding. Participants will therefore approach the concept of justice from a philosophical perspective first. To this end, Professor Francis Cheneval, University of Zurich, will give a keynote speech on the theories of justice. In a second keynote speech, Professor Anthony Glees, University of Buckingham, will report on the recent EU history and talk about the reasons for and consequences of Brexit for Great Britain and the EU.

After having discussed this new input, participants will get to know the Ruhr area from the culinary side and each other during the evening programme.

Saturday - Evaluating Justice

The focus on Saturday will be on an intense discussion about justice in the EU, taking place in different formats. The day will start with short presentations on ambitious pioneers and entrepreneurs and their visions of a better European Union held by participants and external speakers. The presentations will be followed by one of the core parts of the conference, the workshop session, during which participants will look closely into European justice in specific areas. Examples of such areas are the allocation of the EU budget and EU asylum policy, but also the role of commitment to civil society. Later on, in the World Café, the participants will have the opportunity to exchange the insights and knowledge they gained during their workshops with attendees of other workshops in order to share their knowledge and learn from each other.

On Saturday evening we will add another perspective to the ones we are already familiar with: In his keynote speech, Matthew Watson will examine the European citizens’ market behaviour and experience in the single market programme from the perspective of his 'Rethinking the Market' research programme. 

Sunday - Taking Action

The third phase will start on Sunday, dealing with possibilities to change identified injustices – which does not mean that the conference is only supposed to identify injustices. The key questions are: What can we do to make the EU a fairer place? And, on the whole, what needs to happen to create a better future for the EU?

These ideas are put in concrete terms during a reflection module first. Recommendations for improvement collected in the course of the conference shall be discussed by spontaneously set up groups. Afterwards, the closing keynote speech held by Klaus Welle, will focus on possible actions for ensuring a successful EU future. Finally, all participants will get together again to discuss about a better, more equitable EU in a fishbowl format. We hope to jointly create an atmosphere from which not only rethought but also action may result. After the closing ceremony participants will leave for all parts of the EU, taking back the ideas they developed together in Witten to their home countries.

Location: Witten/Herdecke university

To get an idea of the conference venue, we will introduce the PPE Master at Witten/Herdecke University to you. This international programme focuses on bringing together different perspectives and developing innovative approaches to current issues. Teaching at UW/H is always associated with value orientation and personal growth. Witten works. In research, teaching and in society.
All participants are invited and encouraged to not only develop their individual perspective on justice in Witten, but to carry its values from the Ruhr-Area back to other parts of Europe.