Team 2018

A team of nine students from Witten/Herdecke University organises the conference. We are students of the interdisciplinary Philosophy, Politics and Economics programme, and it is our belief that innovations are essential to the project of European unity. Therefore, we have worked together since summer 2017 to provide a framework for analysing and discussing justice in the EU with our fellow European citizens. We are supported in our work by members of the university administration.

Meet the Team

Nora Bittmann

During long-term stays in Argentina, France and Spain, Nora enjoyed discussing current socio-political issues with people from diverse backgrounds. Seeing lots of great ideas and energy among her twenty-something peers, she believes in the possibility to transform the European Union on a fair and beneficial basis for everyone. In organizing the conference she wishes to create a setting fostering exchange and understanding among the participants leading to new insights on a variety of important topics regarding the future of the EU.

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Paul Butzlaff

Being born in the US, raised in Germany and having studied in the Netherlands made Paul realize how enriching it is, to experience more than one society. Yet, being able to enjoy this experience he had the fortune to be born in a time, in which such a diversity can be experienced. Paul still does not regard this as granted, but as a luxury which has to be preserved. Helping to organize the first EU-conference in Witten is his small attempt to pay back for the advantages that the European community has offered him so far. Additionally, he hopes the conference and the focus on justice to be a value added to the European Union.

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Gregor Daumann

Temporary border controls within the European Union, the increase of right-wing parties and an armed conflict in the Ukraine made Gregor realize the vulnerability of freedom, peace and democracy he took for granted until now. He is convinced that identification with the EU and participation in elections is key to protect the achievements of the EU. Gregor is passionate about leading seminars at schools about the EU as a trainer at the “Schwarzkopf” foundation. To organize the EU Conference is another great chance for him to combine the theory of his “Philosophy, Politics and Economics” bachelor with practical experience.

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Marla Hinkenhuis

Marla wants to make a difference. The development of something new out of nothing, the transformation of thoughts and ideas into a real conference - that is what she is passionate about. Therefore, she enjoys being part of the organizing team. She wishes to use her structured work style, organizational talent and open-minded thinking to open up spaces for discussion and generate innovative impulses for the future of the European Union.

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Johanna Hofmann

Thinking that growing up between many different cultures, travelling all over Europe and having the opportunity to study, live or work in whichever European country is normal, Johanna realised later that it is not and understood how precious and vulnerable this very unique project called EU actually is. By realising this, it became more and more important for her to contribute something to maintain this institution. Even though everybody can only contribute a little, organising this conference that provides the space to discuss, create and exchange new ideas for the European Union is for Johanna a contribution to a differentiated reflection on the EU and its future.

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Roxane Schnepper

Organizing a conference about such an heterogeneous topic as the EU is a great possibility and work for Roxane. She wishes not only to discover and experience new and different ideas, but also getting in contact with many people who are interested in the future of the European Union. By this way, it is possible to create new imaginable ideas and possibilities to develop a just European Union. When she travelled through Eastern Europe, she recognized the diversity of the different member states and how important it is to get to know each other. Therefore, she wants to be a part of this contact and embodiment.

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Joshua Stahl

Acknowledging the role, but also the variance of perspectives with which you can look at the world, knowledge and opinions, was and is an emerging process of Joshua’s recent past. By taking part in the organization of the huge project EU Conference Witten, he hopes to work in modes that are different from working with “normal” university stuff. He expects to spot personal prospects and limits. And most of all: he believes to detect new perspectives on the European Union through the contact and discussion with other EU citizens.

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Simon Stolz

A life without the EU? No possibility and not imaginable for Simon. He would consider himself an European, which is why he is so interested in the future of this project. Observing the current crucial phase concerning the future of the EU, he believes that we have to rethink our status quo to create a better future, inside and outside the EU. Aware of the possibilities that can emerge from different perspectives, Simon is looking forward to shape with his theoretical background a conference in practice.

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Kaya Werner

Curiosity is a suitable start to describe Kaya’s motivation, to be part of this years' organizing team. Thinking outside the box, asking questions in a new, unconventional style and adapting multiple perspectives while analyzing certain issues is what she is in for. One of the most interesting challenges for her is the technically advanced Dynaxity within the European Union. We are digitally connected throughout the world, almost every information is accessible for everybody, therefore the future of a just European Union is not only defined by our political leaders but also by us, the members of the European Union.

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The student team is supported by

Dipl. oec. Jan Peter Nonnenkamp

Jan sees the European Union as a great opportunity for future generations and wants to defend this opportunity against threats from right-wing populists and German hegemony. After finishing his studies at Witten/Herdecke University in the 80s he took various board positions in both public and private international companies such as Fielmann AG, KOSTAL, Knorr-Bremse AG and Kali + Salz AG. Now that he is back at Witten/Herdecke University he wishes to use his position as Chancellor and Managing Director to facilitate important debates about the future of the EU. That’s why he supports the conference team with his international experience as well as his profound financial and organizational expertise.    

Jan is Chancellor of Witten/Herdecke University.

M.S. European Klarita Nestler

"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success."  - Henry Ford.

Mrs Nestler is Head of the Department of Research Funding at Witten/Herdecke University.

M.A. Lea Diederichsen

Whenever she talks to others about the European Union, Lea notices that people worry about the transfer of legislative power from national governments to the EU instead of appreciating how the EU can bring about desired political changes in citizen’s respective native countries, for example with regard to consumer protection or data privacy. Being a Philosophy, Politics & Economics graduate and having organised conferences as a student herself, Lea wants to support the student team in bringing to life their vision of the EU conference and of a more just European Union.

Lea is Assistant to the Executive Board of Witten/Herdecke University.