EU Conference at Witten/Herdecke University

The Idea

Come to Witten to analyze justice within the EU with dedicated Europeans. What is the approach of such a complex and ambitious task? Justice can only be discussed when different perspectives get involved – with international participants in interactive formats. Beyond the discussion, existing proposals for action shall be brought in and new visions will be developed. The purpose is to understand the EU as a unique, advantageous project, while shaping its future.


Friday - Coming together

Participants from all parts of the European Union are coming together in Witten. This first day is about setting a common basis concerning the topic of justice within the European Union for all participants. After the input from two of our keynote speakers, participants can get to know each other during the evening programme. 

Saturday - Evaluating Justice

Sharing perspectives, discussing different ideas and developing visions for the future EU during workshops and different discussion formats is the main goal for the second conference day. Closing the day with a keynote by Matthew Watson, participants can enjoy the European Dinner and more during the evening.

Sunday - Taking Action

The last day is all about putting the ideas previously discussed into action and find out what we together can do to transform the European Union. Klaus Welle, Secretary General of the European Parliament, will share his thoughts on future visions and we will close with an interactive discussion on how everyone of us can get engaged.


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